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Command Center 101 – An Easy Step Towards Organization!

Command Center 101 – An Easy Step Towards Organization!

Is it too early to start making New Year’s resolutions?? I can’t decide. But if one of your goals is to get more organized, I have a great idea for you! A command center is a designated area in your home that is centrally located and useful for maintaining an organized household. It’s a lot of fun to make and super customizable!

I’ve never been a terribly organized person but I came across the concept of a command center on Pinterest around the time Chad and I were buying a house. It seemed like a practical way for me to have some organization for our new home and it was fun putting it together. Want to make your own?

Here’s How!

  1. Decide where it will be located. It will be most effective in a high-traffic area like the kitchen or mudroom.
  2. Brainstorm which components will be the most functional for your family. I knew I wanted a place where I could see both Chad’s and my schedules, plan out our meals for the week, and have easy access to items we use a lot like pens and scissors and such.
  3. Make/purchase the items you need. Maybe the most fun part!
  4. Think about how you want it all to look. You can do what I did and lay it all out on the floor in the way you want it to be arranged on the wall. Or you can simply sketch it out on a piece of paper!
  5. Hang it up! Or if you’re like me, have your handy dandy husband do it:)

Here’s what the command center I made included: 


Decorative sign: Chad and I both love to dance so this sign from Hobby Lobby is a fun detail that reflects our personalities!

Clock: Pretty sure this is self-explanatory. Part of being organized is knowing what time it is!

Menu planner: There are so many fun ways you can organize a menu planner! I’m currently just using a dry erase board but there are a lot of other ideas out there. Etsy has a lot of cute options including wooden signs with clips for recipe cards!

Calendar: I personally prefer an actual paper calendar so I can flip through to other months, but I see a lot of people use dry erase ones too! 

Chalkboard/bulletin board: This was a solid Target find! It has a chalkboard that’s great for Bible verses or messages and a bulletin board where we keep announcements, invitations and business cards. There are even some hooks and a cute little pail where we keep our dry erase markers!

Organizer: we just found a desktop organizer on Amazon and use it to keep stuff we use a lot like writing utensils, notepads, scissors, tape, tape measure, letter opener, etc. We even conveniently built the command center around a random outlet on the wall and use it as a charging station for our phones and iPad! I just use a cute binder clip to make it look less tacky when we’re not using it.

Mail organizer: We don’t actually use this to organize mail, but it’s a nice landing spot for stuff we don’t want to leave sitting on our counter until we can address it. It’s also where I keep my coupon file and Roo’s vet folder. But you can use it for many things, including mail and action inboxes.


This is just one of many setups for a command center. Here are a few other ideas you could use for yours!

More decor: It could be an inspirational quote, Bible verse, Framed picture, the possibilities are endless!

Key hooks: We use a separate key hook that was gifted to us but is hung a little closer to our back door. Depending on where your command center is located, it could make a great place to hang your keys!

Shopping list: We just have a notepad for our grocery list that floats between the command center and the fridge, but you could give it its own designated area! You could use something like a roll of brown paper or even just a whiteboard or chalkboard. The reason I use a notepad is because I like to be able to tear it off and take it with me when I go grocery shopping.

To do list: You could definitely use another whiteboard or chalkboard for something like this!

Cleaning checklist/chore chart: If you have kids and want a place for them to keep track of their chores, a command center is a great place to put it!

Place to hang artwork: This is another one that’s great for families with kids. You can hang artwork on a magnetic board or bulletin board, or even hang a clipboard and clip it to that!

There are countless other ideas you could incorporate into your own command center but I hope this list inspires you and serves as a good starting place!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to share any ideas!



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