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Big Al here. Welcome to my site!

I created this blog to show you that life is as big as you make it. We live in a world where there are so many cool people doing cool things, and it’s easy to look at them and be left feeling like our own lives are small, boring or insignificant.

But if I don’t sell all my possessions and travel the world or become a CEO or celebrity of some sort, does that make me mediocre? Maybe. Does it mean my life is any less meaningful? That’s up to me.

My writing is average, my singing is subpar, I’m not terribly funny and I’m certainly no Picasso. But I decided that I’m going to be really good at loving life. I’ve spent a lot of time not loving life and as a result have become very passive at times when I could be PARTICIPATING! But I don’t want to live like that anymore.

I’m not saying I’ve had some epiphany and now all of a sudden everything is perfect and I love every second of my life and take advantage of every opportunity. I still have days when I don’t feel like trying or get hung up on what I don’t have and sometimes I can’t even fake a smile. But I’ve found that it’s really difficult to enjoy life when you’re always wishing you had a different one and that joy is worth fighting for. So why not make the most of the lives we’re living right now?

My dream is to inspire others to learn and grow, try new things, and enjoy life. I want this blog to be a creative outlet where I can connect with others and share bits of my life such as home projects, recipes, outfits and travel experiences among other things. My aim is to get the most out of life right here and right now, even if it is considered ordinary by the world’s standards – and to encourage others to do the same.

A Little Bit About Me

I love Jesus, I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and I prefer when my dresses have pockets. I’m a Hope College alum currently working as a registered nurse on a surgical cardiac floor. My husband Chad is a nurse as well and works in a pediatric intensive care unit. Together we own a home and have a Golden Retriever named Roo (follow her cuteness via @rootheretriever on instagram!). I’m a huge fan of adventures both big and small but I also enjoy creating a space that I love coming home to. I love going outside but I’m also a sucker for slow mornings snuggling on the couch with Chad, Roo and a cup of coffee. And there’s a good chance that I’m a bit awkward in real life.

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